It began with an absurd situation: we had an internationally acclaimed production, Betroffenheit, touring the Globe and earning Jonathon Young one of the most prestigious awards in the world: an Olivier.  Jon was on the road a lot so I began taking up the Artistic Director reigns again. It was discouraging – funders were receiving literally thousands of applications for a handful of grants.  Our new work in development, Riot, had been turned down. Talk about “the best of time and the worst of times.”

Experiencing crisis and critical success side-by-side brought amazing clarity to the question “if we couldn’t fulfill our larger vision for New Art Works did we want to continue?” It was like standing on a cliff staring over the edge.

Electric Company Theatre had to decide. Were we going to commit to the pursuit of ambitious and powerful productions on par or surpassing BetroffenheitAll the Way Home or Tear the Curtain?  We had only our meager savings.

  • Then the Canada Council gave us the biggest, the most competitively sought-after grant in the country- $280,000.

With this grant in hand, we’re going to jump.  We need you to hold on and jump with us. It will be epic. We’re starting with “The Full Light of Day” which opens at the Vancouver Playhouse in January of 2019.

  • With this production Electric Company Theatre will usher in a new era. We will launch our new vision to create, produce and present large scale, stunning innovative works at the Vancouver Playhouse. We will restore to the Playhouse its status as a landmark for theatrical excellence.

The Vancouver Playhouse is unlike any other stage in the lower mainland, or the province. Since the demise of the Vancouver Playhouse theatre company in 2012, the venue has been lacking consistent large scale theatrical culture, and the artistic community has lost their largest platform. The Playhouse is now rarely a place for Vancouver’s diverse, multifaceted theatrical visionaries.

Our desire is to bring large scale, innovative works back to the Vancouver Playhouse, restoring the venue to its status as a landmark for theatrical excellence, and providing a place for ambitious, original and sophisticated theatre in our city.

It will take continued support from the city and our community, to achieve this ambitious dream. Collaboration is central to the Electric Company Theatre’s core identity, and we need you to join us on this exciting journey.

Please add your support and commitment to this exciting opportunity for Vancouver artists and audiences. No donation is too small!

  • Give $100 or more and become a founding member of The Electric Company Terrifyingly Brave.
  • Give $500 and join not only the Terrifyingly Brave, but also join us in our creation process this January 30th for a deep connection to our new work “The Full Light of Day”
  • Give $1000 or more and in addition to the above, we’ll recognize you as a Visioneer for ECT at the Playhouse in our programs and website for the years to come.

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We now take a moment to acknowledge the thronging multitudes who are the foundation and base of Electric Company.  If you have been there from the beginning, or connected with us on the journey along the way, in any capacity big or small, directly or indirectly, this wee poem is for you:


Plugger of Fuse,
Joiner of Wire,
Cranker of Juice,
Of Promethean Fire

Booster of Watts,
Donor of Power,
Beamer of Thoughts
From out Wardenclyffe Tower

Booster of Light
Checker of Leads
Family of Night
Whose bright Service succeeds:

Mille mercis et gros bisous!!

Kim Collier

Artistic Director
Electric Company Theatre
(On behalf of Jonathon Young, Kevin Kerr, David Hudgins, Jen Swan, Jamie King, Lucy McNulty and our wonderful Board of Directors.)