The Full Light of Day

A new Film/Theatre Hybrid created by Kim Collier and Daniel Brooks

Inspired by Yasujiro Ozu’s film Tokyo Story, and set in Canada’s urban financial centres, The Full Light of Day tells the story of a mother who must contend with her husband’s corrupt legacy before she dies.

In Development 2017 & 2018
(Developed under the title: A Good Death)

Premiering in January 2019 at the Vancouver Playhouse

Touring in June 2019 to Toronto in partnership with Canadian Stage and the Luminato Festival

Development and Producing Partners: Banff Centre for the Arts, Vancouver Civic Theatres, BMO Financial Group 
Commissioning Partner: National Arts Centre (English Theatre) 
Partners in Creation:  Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter, Creative BC, University of Victoria  


The hero of this story is Mary, the ageing matriarch of the family. She has enjoyed her life, has lived well, has been good, and acted honourably as a Canadian citizen. However, something is wrong. She is beginning to understand the criminality that has created the financial wealth and privilege in her life, and she is morally horrified. She discovers in the final movement of the play that she is dying. In desperation, in a final act, she rebels.

The story is of a family in which the sins of the patriarch are visited on the rest of the family. The children of this family are all touched by the father’s choices – one son is a brutal capitalist and a sexist boor, one is in open rebellion, and the daughter has virtually withdrawn from the world to an ascetic life of contemplation and music. This is a dysfunctional family, all complicit with the criminality at the core of their privilege.

But this is also a story about an elderly couple who love each other very much. The story looks carefully at the nature of that tender love.

Electric Company has built a reputation for groundbreaking, ambitious productions. Here’s what we believe makes this new project exceptional:

Magic. Audiences will experience a thematically coherent, imaginative and absolutely original use of the camera on stage. The Full Light of Day will set a new benchmark for film/theatre hybrids and celebrate all that is possible in this blend of artistic disciplines.

Urgency. The Full Light of Day boldly confronts the systematic corruption of democratic principles in our cities. It is a play that delves into Canada’s urgent concerns around land ownership and colonization, past and present. The Full Light of Day insists we carefully consider our role in society and our complicity within the larger power structures of our world.

Immersion. Using cutting-edge technology, we are producing a collection of short films told from the POV of each principle character to engage with audiences before and after the stage production This content will be shot in 360° and experienced through Virtual Reality devices, on smart phones or tablets placing the viewer not only within the action, but inside the perception and experiences of the characters in the story.

Talent. Truly national in its scope, The Full Light of Day brings together an A-Team of Canada’s most exceptional and award-winning writers, directors, actors and designers working in film and theatre.

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.