Electric Company would not be where we are without our donors, sponsors, funders, and production partners. The support we receive is everything from large grants to small favours – each piece important to our health as a not-for-profit, charitable organization. We acknowledge:


Uta Arajs, Nona Avren, Peter Baron, Gillian Behnke, Cindy Broquaire, Nicole Bueermann, Leah Callen, Annalies Camferman, Naomi Campbell, Linda Chinfen, Judith Coffin, Todd Collier, Sheila Collier, Krista Constantineau, Marylin deVerteuil, Mavis Dixon, Wendy Donaldson, Brian Fearncombe, Sandra Ferens, Christopher Gaze, Christelle Golzio, Cindy Reid & Rory Gylander, Elisabeth Hall, Sandra Head, Jane Flick & Robert Heidbreder, Marcie Helmer, Jane Heyman & Lionel Johnston, Gillian Horvath, Elizabeth Hudgins, Robert Hudgins, Heather Hyde, Constance Kadota, Diane Kadota, Diane Kent, Craig Laven, John Mackenzie, Timmie Marr, Alexandra Marshall, Kirsten McGhie, Emira Mears, Ann-Marie Metten, Jenna Newman, Kisos Obomsawin, Brian Paterson, Ellen Pond, Steve W. Prokopenko, Christine Quintana, Kathryn Shaw, Ikbal Singh, Elizabeth Snow, Jan Suchomel, Cara Tench, Margaret Tom-Wing, Julia Mackey & Dirk Van Stralen, Gillian Walker, Dawn Williamson, Jonathan Winsby, George & Joanne Young, Jonathon Young and many anonymous individuals (as of September 1, 2017)


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We acknowledge the financial assistance of The Province of British Columbia.


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