Betroffenheit Feedback


Electric Company Theatre and Kidd Pivot are touring Betroffenheit across Canada, the US, the UK and Europe in 2016 & 2017.

Betroffenheit is a harrowing representation of trauma and suffering – but it’s also a stunning testament to what can be made when life undergoes a pretty strange and irreducible process – when it’s turned into art.” – The Globe and Mail

“Betroffenheit dissects the way that the more you try to suppress a painful memory, the more obsessively it pushes to the surface.” – Georgia Straight

Betroffenheit has resulted in a potent and intense discussion about the role of art-making in healing, mental health and wellness, and the emotional coming together of community for a unique live performance.

We want to know about your own personal experience with the show.

Please feel free to share any thoughts about the show – your viewing experience, things that are still lingering for you, or questions you may have. Let us know if you are okay with us to share these comments or stories with the ECT community on this page, or if you would like to share them with the creators only.

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