We are hard at work developing new stories, with all of our Core Artists in various stages of development, that we can’t wait to share with you on stage and beyond! Join us in lighting up the stage in 2022-23!

A donation to the Electric Company Theatre acts as a catalyst, as a creative seed that can grow into art, and contributes to the livelihood of your community and culture. We need your support to continue to thrive. Every dollar amount, every donation makes a real, tangible impact, so we can meet each other again, in the audience, at the theatre.

As a registered charity, we will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, a host of incredible donor benefits – which include recognition, behind-the-scenes opportunities, and, among other donor perks.

Ways of Giving

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Remember your first experience of theatre? It may have been outdoors or inside. A school gymnasium, a black box studio, or a giant theatre with balconies that gave you vertigo. Theatre is a unique form, there is nothing like it.

With rising costs and the loss of artists from our industry, making live theatre is harder and harder to do.  We are also rebuilding our audience and working with funding agencies to identify our unique problems and the lack of resources to address them. Rising costs in theatre include artist fees, theatre rentals, technicians, costumes, sets, compositions, projections, new scripts, and so, so much more. Last year Electric Company spent over 43% of our budget on artist and production fees alone (over $220K!). We cannot mobilize this collective action without your support.

Donations to Electric Company go entirely towards the making of theatre, supporting the art 100%. For as little as $5 you can join fellow supporters, friends, investors and funders in ensuring that we can resume our cultural lives with vibrancy in a not-too-distant future.

Show your support for Electric Company or any arts organization today, and help theatres and theatre artists recover the stage. We can all enjoy incredible, inspiring shows together for years to come.

Electric Company is dedicated to the creation of groundbreaking artistic experiences. Our work is original, transformative, and innovative. We believe in art that is accessible, both financially and thematically. Our projects across artistic disciplines integrate new media and have toured and won awards locally and internationally.

We aim to inspire audiences with a renewed sense of possibility and to continually examine and expand our own definition of what live theatre can be. We work to reach across cultures, backgrounds, economics, and ideology to find the universal elements that connect all members of our community. We believe that trust, openness, authenticity and accountability create the right conditions for experimentation, artistic risk, and the pursuit of excellence.

Your donation will support masterful artists and artistry, the continued creation of new works, help us bring exceptional Canadian theatre to audiences, and maintain a 24-year creative foundation for artistic visionaries in Vancouver.

100% of all donations go towards the art – if you are making a directed donation to a current campaign or to our general fund, you can be sure your support will hit the stage and support artists and creative works.

There are benefits to all donations, including special recognition and access, as well as tax receipts. Electric Company Theatre is a registered Canadian charity BN 872054168 RR0001.