Electric Company is dedicated to the creation of groundbreaking artistic experiences. Our work is original, transformative, innovative. We believe in art that is accessible, both financially and thematically. Our projects cross artistic disciplines, integrate new media and have toured and won awards locally and internationally. 100% of all donations go towards the art – if you are making a directed donation to  a current campaign or to our general fund, you can be sure your support will hit the stage and support artists and creative works.

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In the waning years of the 20th century, the engineers at Electric Company Theatre devised a fancy piece of technology to share our schematic diagrams, laboratory data sets, and our patent pending secrets with people like you: our generous donors. It was a way to spark your imagination and for us to celebrate how your support keeps the current flowing and replenishes our electrolytes: it was dubbed The Electroscope and was a sort of members “zine”, designed on an Apple IIe and delivered by homing pigeons directly into the hands of the Electric Company membership and the occasional unsuspecting bystander when the pigeons got tired. Despite the circuitry’s propensity to generate puns (a bug or a feature??), the device was soon celebrated as a successful transmitter as well as being lauded as a decorative and self-renewing drink coaster.


Whatever happened to this award-wining* publication? Some say its disappearance is the result of a failed experiment with cryogenics. Others say that the motherboard powering the enterprise was the one and only casualty of Y2K. While the mystery of its disappearance may forever be unsolved, it’s almost certain that none will ever fully understand its reappearance. But be that as it may, here it is: The Electroscope +/-: a revamped, entirely digital, heavily encrypted, and occasionally animated hypertextual zine that may indulge your nostalgia for the year 2004!

*not a typo: while the publication won no awards, it proved useful when wining and dining jurors of various awards bodies, providing a source of fun-facts and dazzling images to get out of awkward silences between the main course and the desert**.

**not a typo: it was only ever really used in arid climates.

Welcome back to the lab – progress continues.

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There are benefits to all donations, including special recognition and access, as well as tax receipts. Electric Company Theatre is a registered Canadian charity BN 872054168 RR0001.