Unmasking the Future Livestream

February 6, 2021 – 4pm PST


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Fire Never Dies

Written and Directed by Carmen Aguirre

Featuring Valeria Ascolese, Gabriel Covorrubias Oropeza, Lucia Frangione, Stefano Giulianetti, Melissa Oei, Jonathon Young

Dramaturg – James Long

Design and Cultural Consultants – Carmen Alatorre, Candelario Andrade

Media Design Team – Chimerik 似不像

Apprentice, Collaborator – Kellen Jackson

Mentor, Facilitator – Sammy Chien

Video/Sound Operator – Kellen Jackson

Director of Photography & Technical Director – Anthony Lee

Assistant Director & Technical Director – Candelario Andrade

Stage Manager – Jan Hodgson

Safety Manager & Production Assistant – Peter Jotkus

Dance Instruction – Amanda Testini

Vocal Coach Support – Kellen Jackson

Edited by Aram Coen

Original Media Design and Technical Direction – Mark Eugster

Conceptual Design Consultant – Kim Collier

Conceptual Dramaturg – Kevin Kerr

Produced by Electric Company Theatre

An Undeveloped Sound

Written and Directed by Jonathon Young

Filmed by Brian Johnson and Anthony Lee

Edited by Aram Cohen

Animation by Mark Eugster, Amy Rutherford and Jonathon Young

Technical Direction and Multimedia Production by Mark Eugster


James Long, Cameron Peal, Amy Rutherford, Laara Saadiq, Haig Sutherland, Jonathon Young

Livestream and Digital Services provided by

The Cultch Digital Storytelling

Progress Lab 1422 PL Presents Digital Technologists

Culch Digital Storytelling Team – Kris Boyd and David Mesiha

PL Digital Technologists –  Anthony Lee and Andie Lloyd

Special Thanks to the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Special thanks to Lucas Blaney, Anthony Lee, Andie Lloyd, Maiko Yamamoto, Josh Martin, Theatre Replacement, Company 605, Ed Brando, William F. Whites International, Jessica Han, Keltie Forsyth, Kris Boyd, David Mesiha and the Cultch Digital Storytelling Team.