It all began with risk:

daring to tackle the improbable.

Join us in bringing theatre back to

the Vancouver Playhouse.


Like our Brilliant! hero Nikola Tesla, from the beginning of Electric Company, we set out to invent, instigate and pioneer new ideas, believing in something greater than ourselves.

In 2017 we started advocating to bring theatre back the Vancouver Playhouse (ironically, a place void of locally produced plays for almost a decade). Last year we welcomed 3500 Vancouverites back to the Playhouse over only seven shows.

We have always believed large theatres are extraordinary opportunities for impact. However, large theatres also come with large price tags, and we can’t continue at the Playhouse singlehandedly.

With our vision for the Playhouse, we have risked our own cash reserves to make the revitalization of theatre in that space possible for a second year with Anywhere But Here. Ultimately, this will be unsustainable unless we can convince our city, civic venue, funders and individuals that partnership is essential to revive theatre in our city’s Playhouse.

We’re looking for advocates and investors. People who understand the value of local culture, of diversity in our theatrical landscape, and are willing to fight for it.

Our original Visioneers for the Playhouse helped propel us into these uncharted waters, with incredibly generous gifts of $500, $1000 and more.  We continue to honour their names, and the love, passion and support they shared with us through their financial gifts.

Take action and play a role as a Visioneer for the Playhouse Year Two.

Help us chart a sustainable future for independent, large-scale, original theatre in Vancouver – not just for Electric Company, but for all of Vancouvers theatrical visionaries and audiences. You can:

Donate as a Visioneer for the Playhouse.

This can come from you personally, a company or a foundation – we’re not picky. Plus you get a tax receipt. Any amount helps – and there are benefits.

Advocate with us – join our petition.

Support making local theatre production a priority at the Vancouver Playhouse again. Not just for us, but for all Vancouver theatre producers. Check out our rationale.

Buy tickets for Anywhere But Here.

While you’re at it, get a few dozen of your best friends to do the same. We have early bird specials – enter the code EARLY to get 20% off before November 27.


How you take action is your decision – we need all three to achieve success.  Join us any way you want – in person, by email, or call us.

Visit us in person at 1422 William Street – buzz ##002 and lets meet face to face.

Mail us a note (or a cheque) to 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 2P7

Email us at

Call us at 604-253-4222

In our work, we have always carefully considered our role as citizens, and recipients of donated and public monies. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We’re grateful for all of our supporters, and for your consideration of support for theatre in the Playhouse.

Thank you to our Visioneers for the Playhouse who helped make Year One possible.

Visioneers ($1000): Byron Aceman, Jason Dubois, Peter Baron, Jim & Mary Clare Bovard, Nicole Bueermann, Judith Coffin, Todd & Leslie Collier, In memory of Sheila Collier, John Cooper & Esther Chetner, Mavis Dixon, Ian Farthing, Robert Fisher & Jacquelyn Gayle Ross, Jane Flick & Robert Heidbreder, Veronica & Bill Jackson, Andy & Ann-Marie Metten, Brian Paterson, Charles Pitts, The Rasmussen Family, Gabrielle Rose, Lynda Stokes, Jan Suchomel, Margaret Tom-Wing, Deborah Williams & Bruce Kennedy, and Chris Wooten.

Playhouse Terrifyingly Brave ($500): Nona Avren, Cindy Broquaire, Marylin & Sam De Verteuil, Wendy Morrow Donaldson, Douglas Ennenberg, Christelle Golzio, Elisabeth Hall, Jane Heyman & Lionel Johnston, Robert Hudgins, Sharon Kahn, and Emira Mears.

And to all of our donors and supporters who help keep the lights on.