Anywhere But Here Audience Reactions

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews)


It was fabulous! I only wish I could have a recording of it, as I’d love to rewind and watch some sections over again to understand more of its meaning.


Deep. Provocative. Beautiful. Moving. Well written. Amazing acting. A spectacular show.


This performance exceeded all my expectations! I loved the space and time concept and the magic realism involved. It touched on so many powerful current issues like gender equality, feminism, racism, sexism, parenting styles, border issues, politics etc. All the Chilenismos were amazing and the reference to “Negro Matapacos” was the highlight for me because I just came back from living in Chile for 5 years and have been involved in the current social uprising in Chile. Thank you so much for this amazing show. It made me laugh and cry!!!


Such a thought provoking experience to be immersed in this wonderfully acted and stage production!


Three of my family members and a good friend from Taiwan were lucky enough to be able to obtain tickets and all of us loved the show. What a powerful, moving piece — and wickedly funny. My husband and I vividly remember the murders and brutality of the Pinochet era but the younger two only learned via Wikipedia and some quick tutoring on our part just before the show. However, the story worked for all of us equally well and we have been discussing it ever since. I think it was a combination of humour, compelling characters, a terrible history and magic realism that made the experience equally powerful for all of us no matter our age or background, and the playwright left lots of opportunity for audience members to debate competing interpretations later. I fell in love with the arts again, remembered my activist soul that has felt a bit battered lately, and emerged back onto Hamilton street feeling in awe of Carmen Aguirre’s talent as well as the performers’.

Maureen Bayless (and family!)

What a ride- completely engrossing and beautiful to watch. The music was excellent, the raps made me shiver! He was such a compelling performer. Definitely wish I was closer to centre- might go again just to see all the projections head on.

Mira Browngirl

A Daring, magical, great ensemble piece and made me think of home, exile, belonging, finding one’s truth, justice and to call out atrocities and the right of all humans to live without fear and have freedom of expression!

As a bit of a quantum physics nerd — I LOVED the cosmology element and the multiple time zones that existed together.

Thank you — more bold theatre!😍

Best regards to the talented cast and playwright.

Ruth Fleming

Encouraging to see diverse voices and creatives on a major Vancouver stage. I’d like to see more stories showcasing the works of local people of color.


This show was a whirlwind, so much was happening and it was all so interesting! I feel like I need to watch it again to absorb more of what was said and done. It was nothing I could have prepared for.

One note, I was sitting in the 11th row and found it hard to hear when actors were speaking from the back of the stage. The first rap was also hard to hear.

Overall we enjoyed the experience and really appreciated all of the history!

Katie W

Special attention to one of the daugthers (Alexandra). Very well delivered

Marc Brul

What I found delightful was the humour. For such a depressing topic given the state of those in exile today it was wonderful to be able to laugh and cry. The acting was great as well. Thank you!

Debbie Forbes

Have seen a number of Electric Company shows. Love the creativity and the innovation. This show is no exception. Thanks for what you do.

Peter M

The show was fantastic all around, but every soliloquy felt wayyyyyy too long. It was such a beautiful play, but at those moments I accidentally disengaged and would find myself thinking of something else, catch myself, and the soliloquy would still be going on.

As someone who auditioned for the show, I thought that casting was near perfect.


It was a beautiful performance. The actors were outstanding. The writing was playfully funny, political, feminist while showing some of the timeless terrors of what it means to be an immigrant. As an immigrant, the metaphor of the magnets almost brought me to tears. Thank you for such a powerful performance, and for making the invisible visible.

A. Mendez

The casting was excellent, there were so many beautiful moments that brought me to tears and the man who played the father was exceptional. Loved all the different elements added to the show. The magical fantastical of it was really well done. Had little bit of everything and was extremely entertaining.


More power to you Electric Company for doing what you do — creating exciting, challenging, boundary-pushing new theatre.

Greg S

The play was amazing, a little long – the rap and the long monologue in the second half could have been shortened a little, but the story, stage design, costumes and acting were incredible, well done!

Victoria Charman

Thank you Electrics for not dissapointing with this show.