All The Way Home

Premiered on January 10, 2012
Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Vancouver, BC

With some of Vancouver’s most celebrated stage actors, director Kim Collier creates an extremely personal and close-up experience as she re-envisions Tad Mosel’s 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning play as an immersive encounter where the audience, from within the world of the play, witnesses the gorgeously crafted journey of spiritual transformation.

In an experience unique to most, the audience enters the Queen Elizabeth Theatre from the stage doors and walks into the set from the wings. Sitting among the action within the various rooms of the family’s home, on the lawn outside, or along the dusty road that travels by, the viewer is surrounded by the narrative from all sides, and experiences an uncommonly personal encounter with the story and the performers.

Vancouver Courier

“If you’ve already seen ALL THE WAY HOME, you don’t need me to tell you how wonderful and joyful this show is. And if you’re one of the lucky souls who already has a ticket, you’re in for a treat. But if you don’t have a ticket, you’re out of luck; the show’s five-day run is completely sold out. All you can hope for is that funding is found and All The Way Home will go national, even international.”

Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Globe and Mail

“This production of a superbly written story is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a chance to share the QET stage with many of the city’s finest actors as they sweep us onto the roller coaster of other people’s troubled – and beautiful – lives.”

Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail

The Georgia Straight

“When beauty arrives, I’m grateful, even if it hurts. Director Kim Collier’s production of All the Way Home is beautiful—sometimes startlingly, painfully so…. You won’t forget it.”

Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


“When it really clicks, when something transcends great and becomes wonderful? It happens right here, and one can't help but feel this is a rare moment: recognizing, first-hand, the architecture of genius.”

The Westender





Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role, Small Theatre (Meg Roe)
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Small Theatre
(Nicola Lipman)
Outstanding Set Design, Small Theatre (Marshall McMahen)
Outstanding Direction, Small Theatre (Kim Collier)
Outstanding Production, Small Theatre
Critics’ Choice Innovation Award