Community Dinner

Produced with MOSAIC, Rumble Theatre, Boca del Lupo, and Neworld Theatre

June 1-4, 2011
Progress Lab 1422 – Vancouver, BC

Community Dinner is an inclusive performance event that encourages dialogue and skill exchange between local theatre artists and a diverse group of new Vancouver residents. One part cooking show, one part biography and one part dinner party, this theatrical feast celebrated the one thing that unites us all – food. The piece features a collaboratively created performance focused on biographical material followed by a four-course meal for an audience of diners at communal tables. Community Dinner is, at its core, all about sharing food, stories and the experiences of a wide array of Vancouver residents at this exciting moment in the city’s history.

The Georgia Straight

“COMMUNITY DINNER is a social event as much as a performance, and I enjoyed everybody at my table as we dug into this rare public banquet and talked about our longing for more coherent communities.”

Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight