Presented by The Vancouver East Cultural Centre

January 26 – February 2, 2002
Vancouver East Cultural Centre – Vancouver, BC

Welcome to the world of Flop: a tragicomic tale of ambition, inspiration, idealism, and the bungling, fumbling, belly-flopping attempt to express it. Trace the visions of an eccentric recluse as she builds her dream home from the inside out. Follow her three talented, young architects, shaken to their foundations in the grotesque shadow of human endeavour. Watch in horror as the collaborative process is pushed to its breaking point — and beyond! Audiences embark on a high-voltage journey, filled with the physical and visual vocabulary of live theatre, performed by a group famous across Canada for their “dizzying theatricality”. A celebration of failure, Flop is belated applause for the pipe dreams and ill-fated visions that characterize our best and worst moments as mothers of invention. Come experience a harrowing night of theatre, balancing precariously on the brink of disaster; a maze of unexpected twists and turns, hidden stairwells, and unmarked trip-wires.

Vancouver Courier

“If the risks taken are a measure of a company’s worth, the Electric Company’s shares are rocketing… An hour and 45 minutes of witty, polished performance seldom passes as entertainingly as this show from the extraordinarily inventive minds of this young company.”

Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

North Shore News

“At times I felt I was watching the adventures of Buster Keaton, at others the angst of Samuel Beckett. Ultimately, I left the Cultch feeling I might be in some vibrantly artistic European city like Paris or Prague, not little old Vancouver. (…) If you are not already looking out for the Electric Company, you should be.”

Martin Millerchip, The North Shore News