The Donation (POSTPONED)

Electric Company is excited to be directing and producing THE DONATION by Jordan Hall under Kim Colliers leadership and featuring: Lily ——and Mason ——as part of Earth Odyssey 2020.

Earth Odyssey 2020: Scientific and Artistic Exploration of our Rapidly Changing Planet

Join us as world-class scholars, theatre artists and musicians blend art and science to explore Earth’s past and fragile future. UBC, The Only Animal Theatre Society and Science World are celebrating Earth Day 2020 with a multi-modal mix of short TED-style talks, plays drawn from the Climate Change Theatre Action repertoire, and an excerpt of the newly commissioned Earth Symphony. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Earth’s rapidly evolving environment—and the role that humanity can play in forging a more sustainable path forward.

Author’s Notes: Climate change needs a different kind of heroism. You see it when you look at organizations like Project Drawdown: A heroism of endurance, of everyday work. I was thinking this when I stumbled on an Atlantic article about climate anxiety and suicide, which promptly smashed into Fry’s glittering springtime comedy, The Lady’s not for Burning, and here we are. Though this is (hopefully) a comedy, climate anxiety and depression are serious, and I’d love for you to post a resource for anyone who might be affected at the end of the performance.

Finally, I’ve written Jen and Tommy as a woman and man in homage to Fry’s characters. I invite you to recast them freely as any combination of genders and adjust pronouns accordingly.

Project Drawdown:
Atlantic article:
The Lady’s not for Burning:’s_Not_for_Burning