Electric Company would not be where we are without our donors, sponsors, funders, and production partners. The support we receive is everything from large grants to small favours – each piece important to our health as a not-for-profit, charitable organization. We acknowledge:


Ian and Catherine Aikenhead


Clayton Baraniuk & Jason Dubois, Peter Baron, Kim Collier, Dr. Todd & Leslie Collier, Dr. Todd Collier in memory of Sheila Collier, John Cooper & Esther Chetner, Ian Farthing, Andy & Ann-Marie Metten, Brian Paterson, The Rasmussen Family through Tarlee Enterprises Ltd, Gabrielle Rose, Lynda Stokes, Deborah Williams, Chris Wooten


Alan Albert & Carolyn Heller, Deborah Bouchard, Cindy Broquaire, Nicole Bueermann, Linda Chinfen in memory of Azra, Judith Coffin, Todd & Leslie Collier, Dominika Daskova, Marylin & Sam De Verteuil, Rachel Ditor, Wendy Morrow Donaldson, Douglas Ennenberg, Heather Frechette & Mike Bratty, Mirjana Galovich, Dale Genge, Evelyn Harden, Jane Flick & Robert Heidbreder, Jane Heyman & Lionel Johnston, Jan Hodgson, Gillian Horvath, Robert Hudgins, Heather Hyde, Sharon Kahn, Mai Kanzaki, Diane Kent, George F Kerr, Candace Knighton, Craig Laven, Melanie Lawrence, Jo Ledingham, Alane Lublow in memory of Azra, Julia Mackey & Dirk Van Stralen, Cristina Mateescu, Robert & Joan McQuillan, Emira Mears, Jenna Newman, Alice Niwinski, Mhairi Petrovic in honour of Emira Mears, George & Rita Plawski, Wendy Podgursky in memory of Paul Schulz, Ellen Pond, Vanessa Porteous, Steve W. Prokopenko, Paula Pryce, Cristina Raducanu, Michele Rechtman Smolkin, Guy Riecken, Kathy Roczkowskyj, Meg Roe & Alessandro Juliani, Gail Rogers, Kathryn Shaw in memory of Azra, Samantha Jo Simmonds, Carol Smith, Elizabeth Snow, Susan Stefanyshyn, Jan Suchomel, Johanna Thomas, Douglas Tuck, Twofold Films Inc, Gwynyth Walsh & Chris Britton, Stephanie Ward in memory of Three Fabulous Spirits, Colleen Wheeler, Richard ET White, Christine Willes, George & Joanne Young


Uta Arajs, Nona Avren, Gillian Behnke, Leah Callen, Annalies Camferman, Naomi Campbell, Krista Constantineau, Mavis Dixon, Brian Fearncombe, Sandra Ferens, Christopher Gaze, Christelle Golzio, Cindy Reid & Rory Gylander, Elisabeth Hall, Sandra Head, Marcie Helmer, Elizabeth Hudgins, Shaun Jackman & Elizabeth Kirkland Jackman, Constance Kadota, Diane Kadota, Brenda Leadlay, John Mackenzie, Timmie Marr, Alexandra Marshall, Kirsten McGhie, Kisos Obomsawin, Malcolm Page, Christine Quintana, Ikbal Singh, Cara Tench, Margaret Tom-Wing, Gillian Walker, Dawn Williamson, Jonathan Winsby, Jonathon Young and many anonymous individuals (as of November 2018)


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We acknowledge the financial assistance of The Province of British Columbia.


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