Electric Company inspires audiences with a renewed sense of possibility: our performances consistently defy and expand the definition of what live theatre can be. We provide a highly collaborative environment for artists, creating the right conditions for experimentation, risk, and the pursuit of excellence. We traverse artistic disciplines, challenge theatrical conventions and explore universal themes.


In our annual programming we strive to find a balance between Electric Company’s primary objective: creating new work for our local audience, and our secondary goal: touring our repertoire. Through a cycle of creation, local production and touring, Electric Company has built a sustainable organizational model that maximizes the return on creative investment. Multiple presentations of a work allow us to refine the artistry, reach new audiences, and engage with diverse artistic communities. Our projects are the result of innovative partnerships with community organizations, arts groups, businesses, schools and individuals. We work to reach across cultures, backgrounds, economics, and ideology to find the universal elements that connect all members of our community. We are also committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists to work on large scale projects with established artists.