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Pick up & return: It is preferable that renters pick up and return the gear themselves, however if they wish Electric Company Theatre provide this service, it can be negotiated into the deal as an extra cost.


The Renter hereby assumes full liability for the care and return of the Rental Equipment Inventory during the period described, and agrees to repair or replace any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment within 30 days of the end of the Rental period. Damage may be sustained in any and all manners, including but not limited to breakage, fire, flooding, or any other cause in any circumstance, by any person or event at any location during the rental period. The Owner shall have sole final determination over any required repairs or replacements of the inventory. The Renter agrees that all equipment unless otherwise noted, is damage-free and in working condition at the time of the Rental Period start date.

The Renter shall make best efforts to purchase commercial insurance for both damage, loss or theft of the Rental Equipment Inventory, and hereby saves harmless the Owner from any commercial or general liability claims from any party as a result of the use, transportation, storage or loan of this inventory. The Owner maintains no liability over the activities or production of the Renter, nor use or care of the inventory by the Renter.