Frequently Asked Questions – The Magic Hour

Q: What happens if I arrive late?

A: This is a timed experience that runs every 3.5 minutes, so if you arrive late we will do our best to fit you into the next available slot. If you can’t wait for that, we can rebook your ticket for you for $4/ticket. 

Q: How Accessible is the Experience (Stairs, how much walking?)

A: This experience is approximately 40 minutes long and does require participants to be able to navigate stairs. The Magic Hour is a walk-through event that includes three short flights of stairs. There are railings on both sides of all of the staircases. There are 15 steps from the 1st floor to the landing where they’d have a rest. Then, 13 steps to the next landing, then another 13 to the next landing where there’s a slight rest. On the way down there’s about the same. As such, it may not be accessible to individuals who use mobility devices. Audio and recorded spoken word feature heavily in the show and are not captioned within the experience. Visual elements are often not described.

To discuss opportunities for access to the content, please contact

Q: Audience Advisories: Are there flashing lights or haze in The Magic Hour?

A: This show contains HAZE EFFECTS, FLASHING LIGHTS, and COVID-19 related content. Audiences must be able to walk up and down MULTIPLE STAIRCASES and some rooms may be HOT or contain SCENT.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

A: Masks are highly recommended. While there are no performers, there will be ushers and volunteers throughout helping you navigate through and for their safety, Presentation House Theatre encourages masks to be worn indoors at all times.

Q: Can two people see the show at the same time?

A: The show is designed for solo experiences, however, we can accommodate “tandem” audiences of two people at once. The reduced price for tandem participants reflects the fact that the experience is optimal as a solo traveller.

Q: What ages are appropriate for the Magic Hour?

A: Magic Hour is best experienced by ages 10+. Please note there is some swearing. Parents can use their discretion in bringing children. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Is there anything around the theatre to do before or after?

A: There is! Bring a picnic blanket and set up on the expansive PHT grounds before or after your ticket time, or venture through Lower Lonsdale/Shipyards district, which is full of restaurants and shops, including some staff favourites: Minemura Sushi, LIFT Bakery, and Steetcar Brewing. Other experiences include a public art trail, craft brewery “ale trail”, and curated Indigenous experiences.

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yes! PHT has a parking lot and there is street parking available.