Tear the Curtain!

Produced in association with the Arts Club Theatre Company

September 9 – October 10, 2010
Arts Club Theatre Company – Vancouver, BC

Tear the Curtain! was custom built for the Arts Club’s Stanley Stage and reflects the Stanley’s dual identity as both historic cinema and playhouse. Written as a screenplay, this live production slips seamlessly between play and feature film. It’s a stylish thriller inspired by the “reel” history of the theatre. It uses and abuses Hollywood film noir archetypes like the mob boss, the femme fatale, the hardboiled detective, and the girl friday. It is an attempt at authentic originality in a world of imitations and stereotypes. It is a story of ultimate compromise. Can the truth be revealed somewhere between the stage and the screen?

Vancouver Sun

“This mind-blowing examination of art is both deeply meaningful and broadly entertaining...a journey into metaphysics and the very meaning of life. I urge you to see TEAR THE CURTAIN! Arrive alert and prepare to be dazzled.”

Vancouver Sun

Toronto Sun

★★★★ "stylish" "a rich pastiche"

Toronto Sun

★★★★ "a fascinating puzzle of a production"

NOW Magazine

"prophetic" "stunning"

National Post

Globe and Mail

"ingenious" "brilliant fusion of two enduring art forms"

The Globe and Mail




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Outstanding Lighting Design, Large Theatre (Alan Brodie and Brian Johnson)
Outstanding Original Script (Kevin Kerr and Jonathon Young)