The Magic Hour 360

The Magic Hour 360 is produced by Electric Company Theatre and The Only Animal, presented by Boca del Lupo as part of the Live Performance 360 series.  Based on the original production of The Magic Hour. by ECT, Innovation Lighting and Presentation House Theatre in 2021.

Created and Conceived by Kim Collier
Written by Kendra Fanconi

Original production premiered on August 3, 2021
VR production premiered on March 30, 2022

After receiving a sold-out world premiere in the summer of 2021, The Magic Hour 360 will make its VR debut as part of Boca del Lupo’s LivePerformance360. Guided through scenes by rich audio, video, lighting and stagecraft, The Magic Hour explores the routes of the imagination; the physical world meets the digital world, blending art, design, music and text in a multi-layer mixed-media feast for the senses.  The destination of this curious and magical journey is a reflection on an unprecedented year – and a step forward into a brave new world. LivePerformance360 will take place in-person at The Fishbowl on Granville Island with The Magic Hour 360 produced by Electric Company Theatre and The Only Animal and Pochsy at the Airport Hotel created by Karen Hines for LP360 March 30 to April 3.

“A lovesong for the possibility of change in even the most static of situations”.

– Kim Collier, Director

Watch the Full Film:

In our goal to make The Magic Hour 360 accessible to audiences, we are proudly offering the film for free on Youtube.

As an independent theatre company, Electric Company Theatre is always grateful for the support from donors and the community. If you have the means, please consider making a donation to Electric Company Theatre and The Magic Hour 360 team.



March 30: 7 pm (MH), 8 pm (P), 9 pm (MH)
March 31: 7 pm (P), 8 pm (MH)*, 9 pm (P)
April 1: 7 pm (MH), 8 pm (P), 9 pm (MH)
April 2: 1 pm (P), 2 pm (MH), 3 pm (P) & 6 pm (MH), 7 pm (P), 8 pm (MH)
April 3: 1 pm (P), 2 pm (MH), 3 pm (P)

Artist Talks

Kim Collier and Kendra Fanconi (The Magic Hour 360): March 31 at 6 pm (PST) on Zoom
Karen Hines and Sandi Somers (Pochsy at the Airport Hotel) : April 1 at 6pm (PST) on Zoom

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The Magic Hour was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver, Cultural Programs. 

© 2021 Electric Theatre Company & The Only Animal

“When I am overwhelmed with feeling, my body sort of convulses — like I’m getting kicked in the heart. It’s a form of release, an opening. That happened again and again while I was experiencing The Magic Hour and I’m grateful for it.”