The Virtual Light of Day

A series of virtual reality films by Kevin Kerr

Vancouver Playhouse Lobby Installation

January 4 – 12, 2019 – FREE

Supported by Vancouver Civic Theatres, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Creative BC and the University of Victoria.

Complementing the stage work The Full Light of Day, company Core Artist and Governor General’s Award winner Kevin Kerr has created a collection of experimental short films shot in 360° Virtual Reality, collectively referred to as The Virtual Light of Day.

These three independent Virtual Reality experiences are narratives developed by Kevin during the dramaturgy of The Full Light of Day, revolving around some of the central themes of the play. Each captures an unique perspective from one of the  characters from the stage play, at times witnessing, at times inhabiting their experience.

The three films are approximately six minutes in length each; viewers will be guided through their experience with Oculus Go Headsets and headphones to wear. These works are experiments, and can be viewed independently of the theatre piece, but are a perfect pairing with the full stage play, providing thought provoking context.

From January 4 to 12, these films will be available to experience in the lobby of the Vancouver Playhouse, in partnership with Vancouver Civic Theatres. You can pre-reserve a time slot to view one or all, or just walk up and wait for a turn.

You do not need a ticket to the stage performance to see these films.



The Caregiver

Switching perspectives between characters in the piece, viewers will be guided through a series of physical sensations, blurring the line between the virtual and the real, as Mary’s nurse attempts to care for her.

The Bidding War

This experience allows the viewer to inhabit not only the house, but the connections, memories and relationships that make a house a home, revealing the discomforting business of the Real Estate.

The Real Estate Bubble

Antagonizing the real estate market, viewers will experience what may promise to be the future of home-buying, social enterprise and property investment.


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