A large-scale multi-media exhibit by Lisa Jackson


World Premiere – September 2019
SFU Woodward’s Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Vancouver
Touring Premiere – October 2019
McMaster University Socrates Project, Hamilton


Transmissions is a three-part exhibit that envelops us in hypnotic imagery that is beautiful and eerie. Through this experience—visual, visceral and aural—we are guided on a journey that is both metaphorical and deeply relatable to our world and times. Transmissions opens up the complexity of the thought systems embedded in Indigenous languages. As we hear how Indigenous mother tongues render a different worldview, we understand that language shapes our identity. If we listen, we can discover other ideas of what it means to be human in this world.

Artist Statement

Transmissions grew out of my long-time fascination with the eye-opening worldviews held within our indigenous languages, whose complex structures are radically different from European languages. I do not speak Anishinaabemowin (which my mother lost at residential school), but many of my projects incorporate Indigenous languages and I have spent years researching them. And with this immersive installation, I have found the proper form to capture the power and wisdom of Canada’s original languages. Transmissions is a work of Indigenous futurism, taking viewers on a journey that feels past and future, familiar and foreign, concrete and magical. Its imagery and ideas are about now, our relationship with each other and the land, and it is for everyone who lives in our challenging times. I believe this experience will be transformative.

Lisa Jackson

Development and Premiere Partners

Canada Council for the Arts – New Chapter 2017 and Beyond
Moving Images Distribution
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs
Simon Fraser University ARC Foundation
McMaster University Socrates Project
CoBALT Connects
Vancouver International Film Festival
imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival